Pests of Cilantro

I found some small white insects in my cilantro. They are also in the petunias that I have . How can I get rid of them?

Plant Guides Answer:

Because you did not send a picture of the insects I’m just guessing but I think you are dealing with either white fly or mealy bugs.

If you brush your hand across the plant’s leaves and the bugs fly around, you have white fly.

If the bugs are fuzzy, they are mealy bugs.

You don’t want to use anything toxic against them because you plan to eat the cilantro, right?

I would just spray the plants with water and dishwashing liquid. Fill a clean spray bottle with water and add a teaspoon of any lemon scented (bugs dislike the fragrance) dish soap. Shake and spray.

Do this early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is not hot on the plants. Go back 30 minutes later and rinse the soap off with a strong spray of plain water. This should also knock the dead bugs off.

Also, see Petunia Pests for more information about growing petunias.

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