Phoenix roebelenii Palm Tree

Pygmy Date Palm – Dwarf Date Palm

The Phoenix roebelenii palm is one of the most feminine dwarf palm trees you will ever see. The Pygmy Date palm tree’s lush dark green fronds are more delicate in appearance than those of most other feather palms and they grow in a graceful arching habit.

Phoenix roebelenii outside the tower at Bok

The pygmy date palm boasts a slender trunk and, at a mature height of 8-10 feet, is also one of the smallest palm trees.

Its size makes it a good fit for small space gardens where larger palms would be out of scale.

You may see it labeled for sale as the dwarf date palm.

Phoenix roebelenii palm picture.

Buy a 9′ Pygmy Date Palm Large Multi Stem

You may also see the Phoenix roebelenii palm being sold as a houseplant. This is because it is one of the best indoor palm trees. It is a slow grower and will not need to be constantly shifted into larger containers.

The Phoenix roebelenii palm requires little sun. I don’t advocate placing it in a dark corner and keeping the curtains drawn, but this tree will thrive in typical indoor conditions.

If you choose to plant it outdoors, a site in part–or even full–shade will suit it. This is a nice palm to plant in multiples.

Try placing three on 2 foot centers in a triangle pattern at the center of a landscape bed for a pleasing effect.

Two look good planted in the same hole.

Especially if you use plants of different heights.

It looks as if the tree has suckered or branched. It probably will sucker in time, but why wait?

Pygmy Date Cold Tolerance

Hailing from India and Viet Nam, pygmy palm trees are hardy from zones 9b-11. Many have been planted here in zone 9a where I live. If they are in a warm microclimate, they come through our freezes undamaged. If not, they suffer extensive leaf damage but usually recover.

Frost damage to a Pygmy Date Palm after a hard freeze in Daytona, FL.Those torpedo-shapes poking out of the crown are flower stalks. They survived a week of below freezing nights in Daytona, Florida.This is the damage you can expect pygmy date palms to suffer after a hard freeze in zone 9a.
Phoenix roebelenii fruit.

Phoenix roebelenii Fruit

Using Dwarf Dates as Landscape Trees

Dwarf date palm tree in a small yard.

The chief benefit of installing a dwarf date palm in residential landscape design is its size. Phoenix roebelenii is the perfect palm for small spaces.

It can be used to create height in those tiny garden beds so often found beside the front walk of a Florida home or to clothe that naked bit of wall space between windows.

Phoenix roebelenii and lady palms adorn a front yard landscape .Phoenix roebelenii and lady palms beautify an Altamonte Springs home.

Pygmy dates will also fit beautifully into a courtyard garden and they enjoy the added frost protection such a location provides.

If you live where the trees are only marginally hardy, take advantage of their shade tolerance and plant them beneath taller trees. Winter frosts will settle on the branches of the larger trees and the roebeleniis will come through cold nights unscathed.

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