Pink Peace Rose

Pink Peace Rose

About growing the intensely fragrant pink Peace rose bush and the climbing pink Peace Hybrid Tea rose. Large, bright pink roses which are long lasting cut flowers produced on disease resistant plants.

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Pink Peace rose image.

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A descendant of the famous Peace rose, the Pink Peace hybrid tea rose offers big blooms on a tall, strong-growing shrub.

This is where the family resemblance ends.

Pink Peace rose is an upright grower with bronze-tinted foliage whereas Peace is bushy with dark green leaves. The double flowers of Pink Peace are loose, open-cupped and strongly, deliciously fragrant. They carry 55 petals vs 45 for Peace. The blooms arrive in great abundance in the spring and repeat often throughout the growing season.

The flowers last longer is the bush is sited where it will get plenty of morning sun but be protected from the hot afternoon rays.

The offspring falls short of the parent in but 2 respects: height and disease resistance.

At 3-4 feet tall, the Pink Peace bush is noticeably smaller than Peace. Unfortunately, it is also somewhat rust prone in certain climates.

Despite this single drawback, this rose has been awarded a Gold Medal in trial gardens in both Geneva and Rome.

Climbing Pink Peace Rose

Pink peace climbing rose on a trellis.

The climbing form of the plant described above reaches 7 feet in height. It will cover a rose trellis or arbor with beauty for many months of the year.

Both forms are hardy from USDA zone 4a to 9b.

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