Planting Potted Roses

Planting potted roses is about how to plant potted roses or container grown roses. How to plant rose bushes in the ground. How to plant a rose that is actively growing in a pot out into the garden.

Planting potted roses, pink rose in a black nursery pot.

Planting a Rose Bush
Prepare Rose Soil

Most roses have root systems that grow more broad than deep. They do not generally compete well with the roots of other plants for water and available nutrients. Be mindful of this when planting roses in close proximity to trees, shrubs and vigorous perennials.

Rose garden soil needs to be loose, rich and moisture retentive. Prior to planting rose bushes add composted manure or organic compost to the planting area. Sprinkle a handful of super phosphate on top and dig all the amendments in.

If you feel that your garden soil is unsuitable for planting potted roses, remove the top 2 feet of it and replace it with bagged rose soil. Miracle Grow soil for roses is a good brand.

How to Plant Potted Roses

Rose, Miniature Pink

Order a Miniature Pink Rose

Water the container grown rose the day before you plan to plant it and set it in a shady area until it is ready to go into the ground.

The soil in the planting area should be slightly moist. If it is dry, water it lightly the day before you planting potted roses.

On planting day, dig a hole as deep as the container the rose bush is currently growing in but a few inches wider. Set the potted rose into the hole to make sure the depth is correct before you remove the pot.

Plant the rose at the same depth it is in the pot.

Do not pull the rose bush out of the pot. Sometimes potted roses have not rooted in completely in which case the root ball will fall apart if you pull the rose out of the pot. In other cases, the rose will have become root bound and pulling may tear some of them.

Cut the pot away from the root ball with a sharp knife and remove it carefully.

If the roots are circling around the bottom, trim an inch from the bottom of the root ball. Set the root ball into the center of the planting hole.

Loosen the roots around the sides of the root ball if they are tight. This will encourage them to grow out into the surrounding soil instead of circling around the root ball.

Fill in the sides of the planting hole with the amended rose garden soil. Firm the soil with your foot and make a basin around the drip line of the plant with the extra soil.

Fill this basin with water, let it drain and then fill it again. Be sure to keep the newly planted rose moist until it becomes established. This will take several months.

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