Planting Roses in Your Garden A Planting Guide for Roses

Planting roses in your garden is a planting guide for roses of all types. Easy tips for planting rose bushes, planting climbing roses, planting hybrid tea roses and planting miniature roses.

Terracotta Container of Summer Plants in a Rose Garden, Little Malvern Court Worcester
Terracotta Container of Summer Plants in a Rose Garden, Little Malvern Court Worcester

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Bolton, Mark
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I think that roses give more pleasure to gardeners than nearly any other flower. The rose plant’s combination of elegant good looks, wide range of flower color and form, and irresistible fragrance makes the fact that it outperforms most other plants in terms of flower production, length of blooming season and longevity almost irrelevant.

Every plant lover will eventually fall victim to the rose flower’s charms and find themselves ordering one or more of these garden darlings. Only after the rose arrives at their door will they vaguely recall something about roses having special needs.

They do.

But do not let this discourage you. The care and planting of roses is fairly simple once you understand what these plants want. That is where this planting guide for roses can help.

You do not need to study a stack of rose gardening books (unless you want to–the pictures in these books are delightful). The links on this page will take you directly to the information you need at the moment. Bookmark it and come back when you need more information about planting and caring for roses.

Planting A Rose Garden

Informal Organic Garden Planted with Mixed Herbaceous Bulbs & Roses
Informal Organic Garden Planted with Mixed Herbaceous Bulbs & Roses

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Planting the roses off to themselves in a bed prepared just for them makes for easy rose planting but, to my eye, rose plants look best when mixed with other plants or small shrubs.

In either case, be careful of the spacing between plants in your rose garden planting. Roses require good air circulation in order to ward off diseases.

Another reason you will want to maintain proper spacing is to keep the roots of the companion plants from overrunning the roots of the roses. Rose roots are not very aggressive and compete poorly with those of surrounding plants for food and water.

Keep an eye on your rose planting in future years as the roses and their companions mature. Be sure to keep the other plants in bounds.

When to Plant Roses

When to plant roses discusses the best time to plant roses out into the garden. When to plant rose bushes and when to plant climbing roses. Best time for planting bare root roses in every zone.

Where to Plant Roses for Best Results

Where to plant roses for best bloom, most robust growth and greatest disease resistance. Where to plant tea rose plants. For best garden performance plant roses where roses have not grown before.

Planting Roses in Containers

Planting roses in pots is all about container gardening with roses. Growing container roses. Which rose varieties make the best container gardening roses. Choosing a pot for a container rose.

Planting Bare Root Roses

Instructions for planting bare root roses. How to plant bare-root roses. What to do after buying bare root roses. How to prepare bare root rose bushes for planting.

Planting Potted Roses

Planting potted roses is about how to plant potted roses or container grown roses. How to plant rose bushes in the ground. How to plant a rose that is actively growing in a pot out into the garden.

Planting Hybrid Tea Roses

Rose Collection, Color Special

Hybrid Tea Rose Collection, Color Special

When planting Hybrid Tea roses keep their eventual height in mind. Most of these modern roses will grow to 5 feet given enough food, water and warmth.

Hybrid Tea roses are bred for their impressive blooms. Consequently, the plants that produce these spectacular cutting flowers are not always so attractive.

The growth habit of the Hybrid Tea rose is upright and all the flowers tend to form at the top. They are best planted in an out-of-the-way cutting flower bed or placed behind a shorter perennial which will hide their, sometimes bare, legs.

Planting Miniature Roses

Plant miniature roses according to the mature size of the plant not the flower size. Most miniature roses bear tiny blooms on tiny plants but a few feature diminutive flowers on normal-sized rose bushes.

The truly small plants will look best when planted beneath tree roses or in pots.

Planting Rose Trees

Rose Tree, Rainbow SunblazeĀ®

Order a Rainbow SunblazeĀ® Rose Tree Here

When planting a rose garden any tree roses should be planted into the bed first. Once these are in place, set the other plants in around them.

Miniature roses are a good choice as an underplanting for a rose standard.

Planting Climbing Roses

Planting climbing roses. How to plant climbing roses. Climbing rose planting instructions. Planting bare root climbers and potted rambling roses.

Transplanting Roses

Transplanting roses is all about transplanting rose bushes. Transplanting climbing roses. How to transplant roses to minimize rose transplant shock. When to transplant rose bushes.

Zone Rules When Planting Roses

Most roses perform best in USDA zones 5-7. If you live in one of these areas, you can plant pretty much any rose you like without worry.

In colder growing zones, planting roses that are recommended for half a zone colder than yours will be the safest bet. For instance, if you live in zone 4b, chose roses recommended for zone 4a.

In warmer growing zones, the heat is more of a hindrance than the cold. Roses prefer cool weather. Here in zone 9a, I try only to plant roses that are known to perform in zone 9b.

Instructions for Pruning Roses
Instructions for pruning roses secrets revealed. Rose pruning 101. How to prune roses for maximum bloom. Pruning carpet roses. Pruning Floribunda roses. Pruning tree roses. Pruning techniques and gloves.

Rugosa Rose Bushes
Rugosa rose bushes are easy care, fragrant wild rose bushes. In autumn, Rugosa shrub roses form large, colorful hips. I’ll tell you where to plant Rosa rugosa and how to prune it.

Peace Rose
The most popular Peace rose bushes. The original rose bush called Peace, Pink Peace, Chicago Peace, Prairie Peace, Love and Peace and Desert Peace Hybrid Tea roses. Also, climbing Peace.

Perfume Delight Rose
The 5 inch double blooms of the Perfume Delight rose are intensely fragrant. The deep pink flowers, which this Hybrid Tea rose bush produces in great abundance, are long-lasting cut flowers.

When to Prune Roses
When to prune roses. How to determine the best time to prune roses. Optimal time to prune rose bush plants. When to prune rose bushes. When to prune climbing roses. When to prune Knockout roses.

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