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Get pool landscaping ideas from these swimming pool landscape design photos. Good plants to use when landscaping around pools. Landscaping around reflecting pools. Pool landscaping pictures.

Backyard Pool Landscape


It is a good idea to keep all the pots the same color.

Otherwise, you risk creating a hodge podge effect.

There is a great deal of hardscape in this backyard pool landscape but it is softened by the plant material. I think the use of color, especially brighter hues, here is excellent.

The red flowers planted against the white wall really pop.

Terra cotta pots add another color accent and provide more planting space. The large container closest to the edge of the pool is balanced by a grouping of smaller pots over by the bench.

When choosing containers for landscaping your swimming pool area, keep scale in mind. If each pot is going to stand on its own as a focal point, bigger is usually better.

Because a large pot will draw the eye, give thought to the color and design of the container. The color does not have to match any other landscape elements but it should compliment them and the style of the containers should be in keeping with the style of the home.

Smaller pots can be used if you group them. Arrange them so that the largest are behind the smallest. Be sure to keep these plant collections well away from foot traffic so that don’t get knocked over or tripped over.

In this swimming pool landscaping picture, even the teal market umbrella is part of the color story. It reflects the color of the water.

Tall shrubs and vines have been used to create privacy in this swimming pool landscape design.

A cactus echoes the color of the water at poolside. If you plant a cactus this close to a pool, use a thornless variety.

The rock waterfall repeats the color of the pool deck and the dark chaise compliments the dark fence and gate.

This inground pool landscape design is purposely simple so as not to compete with the mountain view that this property enjoys.

An emerald green swatch of lawn adds a touch of luxury while keeping the plantings at the edge of the woods far enough from the water’s edge to prevent debris from falling into the pool.

Large plants like pampas grass and elephant ears are used for visual impact.

The stone edging around the planting connects it to the mountains in the distance.

Palm trees are handsome plants to use in swimming pool landscapes. They have small root systems which will not harm concrete.

The palms in the foreground are Japanese Sago palms. The taller tree behind them is a Chusan palm.

Both of these palm tree types are suitable for a tropical pool landscape as neither is excessively messy.

Reflecting Pool Landscaping Ideas

Reflecting pool surrounded by palm trees.

The plantings on either side of the entrance to this building as well as those along the side of the pool itself are reflected in the water.

Symmetry, balance and height are the pool landscaping ideas to take from this design.

Clumps of tall, slender palms are planted at each side of the pool with groups of California fan palms behind them.

This swimming pool has been landscaped as if it were a reflecting pool.

Symmetry and repetition are the reflecting pool landscaping ideas which have been applied to this hotel pool.

The water in the pool is a mirror for the building’s entrance which is flanked by a pair of identical planting tubs. The tall, thin plants in the pots make a splendid picture on the water.

The same species of tree is planted in the beds on each side of the hotel near the wall.

Planter boxes containing small trees are placed beside each cushioned chaise to add softness and more greenery to the area.

Other pool landscaping ideas to take away from this swimming pool landscape picture:

Notice how the planters and pots blend with the tile and trim colors while the chaise cushions and umbrellas match the building.

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