Popular White Flowering Shrubs

Easy care white flowering shrubs to illuminate the after-dusk landscape. Some feature small flowers like those of the white oleander bush; others, like white roses and Hibiscus, display big blooms.

White oleander Flowers

Like rain on a sizzling summer day, shrubs with white flowers bring cool refreshment to garden beds and borders. Being at once elegant and bold, white flowering bushes are right at home in formal garden designs. Use them as a color break in the perennial border to keep unharmonious neighbors from clashing and to tone down a too riotous cottage garden.

Of course, the most fitting use of a white blooming bush is to plant it in an all white garden. Here, evergreen shrubs that bloom repeatedly throughout the warm season will make the the biggest contribution.

Evergreen White Flowering Shrubs

Gardenia Flowers

Fragrant gardenia flowers and buds.
  • Nerium oleander
  • Most Viburnum species produce tiny white flowers which make up for their insignificance by congregating in large, showy clusters while the plants are in bloom.
  • The white summer flowers of Daphne acutiloba are followed by bright red berries in fall.
  • For those with the right growing conditions, the Gardenia will add a fragrant white flower to the planting scheme.
  • Japanese Privet bears large clusters of little white flowers during the summer months.
  • The small white flowers of Indian Hawthorn appear each spring. After the blossoms fade, attractive navy blue berries take their place.
  • Camellia
  • Evergreen Azaleas
  • Potentilla

You’ll find a list of the best white roses here.

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Low Maintenance White Perennials

Deciduous White Flowering Bushes

Potentilla – McKays WhiteSpirea – SnowmoundHibiscus – Luna White
  • Weigela ‘Alba’ and ‘Candida’
  • Most types of Hydrangeas either die back over the winter or must be cut back in the spring, so I am listing them with the deciduous shrubs.
  • Rose of Sharon displays large single or double blooms throughout late summer and fall.
  • Azaleas
  • The cascading stems of Spirea ‘Vanhoutei’ cover themselves in small white buttons each spring.
  • The fragrant bloom clusters of Lilacs make excellent old-fashioned cut flowers.
  • Potentilla

Tropical White Shrubs

Crape Jasmine Flower

Crape jasmine

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Frost Proof GardeniaViburnum – Summer SnowflakeMock Orange Buckley’s Quill
Viburnum – Common Snowball BushHydrangea – OakleafAbelia – Ruby Anniversary
White Profusion Butterfly BushMadam Lemoine LilacRose of Sharon – Lil Kim

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