Propagating Rosemary By Rooting

by Michelle K.
(Virginia Beach, VA)

A friend of mine has a beautiful, fragrant rosemary plant growing in a pot. I would like to grow one just like it for myself. She gave me some cuttings. How do I root them?

Plant Guides Answer

What a generous friend you have!

I have found rosemary cuttings to be easy to root in early summer. Strip the bottom third of each cutting of it’s leaves. Dip the, now naked, end of the stem into rooting hormone.

Fill Styrofoam cups or other small containers with good quality potting mix. You can place 2 or 3 cuttings into each container.

Make a hole in the potting mix with your finger or a pencil before inserting the cuttings so as not to rub the rooting hormone off. Firm the soil around the cuttings and water them gently.

Keep the rosemary cuttings in a warm shady place with high humidity and they should root in a few weeks.

Once the cutting have begun to grow, shift them into higher light. You can separate them into individual pots or keep the groups together depending on how big a plant you want. Three cuttings grown together in a large pot will produce a much fuller plant than one grown alone. It will also require more space and a larger container.

Good luck propagating your rosemary cuttings.

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