Provence Lavender Lavandula x intermedia

Provence lavender plants, Lavandula x intermedia, bear mauve flowers (in contrast to the dark purple blooms produced by other lavender varieties) which are intensely fragrant.

Lavender Provence in Full Bloom

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Although it is pretty, Provence French lavender is not the showiest garden lavender. The deep purple blooms of Hidcote or Munstead lavender will “pop” more in a perennial border. But lavender Provence has its more intense lavender scent to highly recommend it.

This has made it a favorite of the perfume industry.

It is also one of the largest growing lavender plants available. It is not unusual for a single plant to grow into a 4×4 foot bush.

The plant’s bright to gray-green foliage is as aromatic as its flowers.

How to Grow Provence Lavender

The most important consideration when growing lavender is perfect drainage. More lavender plants are lost to soil that stays wet for too long than to anything else.

If your soil is heavy, lighten it with sand or coarse gravel rather than compost. Also, the plants do better if they are not mulched.

That being said, Lavandula x intermedia is more tolerant of wet and heavy soil than other lavender varieties. If you have had difficulty growing lavender in the past, try this variety.

Space the plants 3 feet apart in full sun. They will tolerate part shade but bloom will be reduced. They are reliable perennial in USDA zones 5a-8b.

Feed the plants just once in the spring. The first flowers will appear in early summer. Cut them off–or better yet, harvest them–and bloom will continue until late fall.

Lavender Crafts

Lavender, Provence, France
Lavender, Provence, France

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This is the best lavender variety for making lavender crafts. The flower stems can grow to 3 feet in length!

Cut and use them fresh to make lavender bottles. Or dry them for use in lavender wreaths. Strip the blooms from the stems to make lavender sachets and pillows.

Lavender of Provence

Lavender Field, Provence, France
Fields of Lavender in Provence, France

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Lavender in Provence is a bustling industry. Lavender farms dot the countryside. There is hardly a prettier sight than the lavender fields in Provence. Lavender tours are popular with visitors to the area.

The people of this region use lavender de Provence liberally. The small purple buds are sprinkled into cooked dishes and used to fragrance everything from air fresheners to hand soap.

They also place bee skips in the lavender fields to attract bees and facilitate the production of Provence lavender honey.

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