Pruning Citrus Trees

All about pruning citrus trees. Lemon tree pruning information. Pruning lemon tree branches. Fruit tree pruning instructions for when to prune citrus trees. How to prune an orange tree. Sheared citrus trees at Pinewood Estate in Lake Wales, Florida. People tend to worry about pruning citrus trees. When do I prune my tree? How much… Continue reading Pruning Citrus Trees

Pruning Fig Trees

Common Edible Varieties Why pruning fig trees correctly is important. When and how to prune a fig tree for best fruit production. Pruning guide for common, edible Ficus varieties. Fig bush pruning and propagation tips. This fig tree has been left unpruned. Photo credit: Joseph M. DiTomaso, University of California-Davis, Pruning a fig tree is essential… Continue reading Pruning Fig Trees

Pruning Grape Vines

Spur vs Cane Pruning Pruning grape vines to promote healthy growth. How to know if you should cane or spur prune your vine? Instructions for spur and cane pruning. Dead canes, or an overabundance of growth can take away nutrients from the healthy parts of your vine. Grape vine pruning is generally done in the… Continue reading Pruning Grape Vines

Growing Organic Fruits and Vegetables to Get Kids Interested in Gardening

One of the benefits of growing organic fruits and vegetables is that it can instill a passion for organic gardening in a child. A kid who grows up eating fruits and vegetables in season will always love home grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Vegetables  that Grow Easily Without Pesticides Kale Sweet Potatoes Hot Peppers Eggplant… Continue reading Growing Organic Fruits and Vegetables to Get Kids Interested in Gardening

Smart Tips for Pruning Trees

How & When to Prune Trees of All Types Types of cuts to make when pruning trees. Best time to prune deciduous trees. Proper fruit tree pruning instructions. How to prune maple trees, crepe myrtle, bonsai, palms, weeping cherry trees, holly, and evergreens. An extreme form of crepe myrtle pruning known as “crepe murder” leads to a… Continue reading Smart Tips for Pruning Trees

Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

How to Prune Various Types of Fruit Trees Fruit tree pruning instructions and equipment. When and how to prune deciduous and evergreen fruit trees. Citrus, tropical and stone fruit tree trimming guide.  Fruit Growers Using Stilts to Prune Trees in Half the Usual TimeBuy at Most deciduous fruit trees must be carefully pruned each year… Continue reading Fruit Tree Pruning Instructions

Crab Apple Tree Pruning

Crab apple tree pruning should be carried out in early spring. These trimming instructions apply to all types of Malus crabapples. How to prune dwarf and weeping crab apple trees.  Bare Crabapple Tree in a Meadow Photographic PrintGehman, RaymondBuy at AllPosters.comFramed Mounted Prune crab apple trees to remove dead, broken, or crossing branches or to open up… Continue reading Crab Apple Tree Pruning