Queen Palm Care Care for Cocos plumosa

Queen palm care indoors or out. How to fertilize Queen palms. Instructions for planting Cocos plumosa, syn. Syagrus romanzoffiana. Queen palm tree pictures.

Queen palm tree with multiple trunks.

This beautiful specimen features multiple trunks and crowns at staggered heights.

This is the only Queen palm I can recall seeing grown in this style. I’m not sure if this is a single tree or several planted in the same hole. I didn’t have the nerve to knock on the door and ask.This is a stunning example of the impact a single tree can have on an otherwise mundane home landscape design.

Planting a Queen Palm

3 Queen palms planted near a driveway.

The optimal planting time for Queen palm trees is in the spring. This gives the trees the maximum amount of time to settle in before facing the stress of winter.

Plant it in well draining soil in full sun and keep it moist.

When growing queen palm trees you need to exercise care when planting other plants near them so as not to damage the Queen’s root system. The trees don’t always survive damage to their roots.

Despite this, S. romanzoffiana is not prone to transplant shock. The tallest specimens can be moved without setback if care is taken. It is this feature, more than any other, that makes it such a popular landscaping tree.

Queen palm care requires heat and moisture. They will grow poorly where it is too cool or if they don’t get enough water. They become moderately drought tolerant with age.

How to Space Queen Palms

Queen palms, bananas and Sabal palm trees at Congo River.

Queen palms combine with bananas and Cabbage palms to create a feast for the eyes at Congo River, a lushly-planted miniature golf course in Altamonte Springs, FL.

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Twenty feet is the minimum spacing for Queen palms as they are fast growing to more than 40 feet. If you are planting more than one, you want them far enough apart than the crowns do not touch when they mature.

Also be sure to keep them a good distance from your patio or walkways as the root system can lift concrete if it is too close.

Queen Palm Fertilizer Needs

Queen palm pictures.

Purple fountain grass and Pygmy Date palms growing beneath a mature Queen palm tree.

They are subject to mineral deficiencies so fertilizers for queen palms need to contain micro nutrients. Any food labeled as palm fertilizer should have everything it needs.

Do not make the mistake of underfeeding it in an attempt to slow its growth. Your palm will become malnourished. Fronds will start turning yellow and the new growth will come in small.

Queen Palm Indoor Growing

Queen palm tree growing in a large, clay pot.

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Syagrus romanzoffiana is not the best choice for an indoor palm. It needs a very high light location and a certain amount of humidity to perform well.

It also grows quickly, even when planted in a pot. Each year it will be two feet taller than it was the year before. This makes for a lot of repotting and needlessly complicates Queen palm care.

Indoor Queens do best if they are kept outside during the summer months and only overwintered indoors. I can’t vouch for the behavior of one that never goes outside.

If you have very tall ceilings, you may be able to keep 1 inside for a few years. Eventually, it will outgrow the space.

The other problem you will encounter with indoor Queen palm care is spider mites. They attack when the air around the plant is too dry. Use a humidifier to dispatch with these pests.

Queen palm indoor care requires that you keep the room the plants are displayed in very cool in the winter. Temperatures between 40 and 65 degrees F. will cut down on insect infestations.

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