Queen Palm Tree Info

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Queen palm tree pruning and cold tolerance. Queen palm’s growth rate. Pictures of Syagrus romanzoffiana also known as Arecastrum romanzoffianum or Cocos plumosa. Description and photo of the Queen’s tasty fruit.

Queen palm with flowers emerging in the spring.

Queen Palm Photo

With its graceful, feathery fronds, the queen palm is popular in tropical areas. This is a tall palm growing to 50 feet. The bright to dark green, arching, feathery fronds can reach 15 feet in length.

In spring or early summer orange or yellow flower sprays will come forth from the crown. (The tree in the image above has a flower stalk just emerging.) They may appear in great numbers while the previous season’s seeds are still ripening.

If the flower stalks are not pruned off before the queen palm seed ripens, they can become weedy in some areas.

The rapid growth rate of this palm has made it popular with gardeners who want to achieve a tropical look quickly.

Queen Palm Fruit

Syagrus romanzoffiana fruit cluster.

The smooth-skinned, oblong fruit (2.5 cm in length) forms in large clusters after the trees bloom.

The bright orange and fragrant ripe fruit is attractive to various forms of wildlife.

The edible fruit is sweet but deceptive.It consists of a large seed enveloped in a thin layer of fruit-flavored pulp.The ripe fruit is similar in appearance and flavor to that of the Loquat tree.

Queen Palms and Cold Weather

Queen palm trees in Puerto Rico.

Queen palm trees flourishing on the island of Puerto Rico.

Queens palms are native to steamy Brazil and are not cold hardy. They are frost damaged when temperatures fall in to the 20s F.

There are a lot of people growing queen palms in my zone 9a neighborhood in Florida. I don’t recommend planting queen palms this far north as they suffer varying degrees of leaf damage during our winter freezes and can even be killed.

Queen Palm Pruning Info

A pair of Queen palm trees and a pair of Dwarf Date palms adorn a Central Florida landscape.These moderately salt tolerant palms are easy to maintain but they may require periodic trimming.

It’s natural for palms to lose their fronds as they grow. They will fall off on their own.


Meanwhile, they can look messy. You may wish to “clean the trees up” by removing the dead fronds. Here’s how to trim queen palm trees:

  • Use a pruning saw to cut the dead frond off about three inches from the trunk. Wear heavy gloves to protect your hands and avoid damaging the trunk of the tree as you work.
  • Don’t remove fronds that are still green, the tree needs those.
  • Remove all debris from around the base of the palm to protect it from any insects or disease the debris may be harboring.

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