Raised Bed Garden Images & Ideas

Raised bed garden tips for growing plants in raised garden beds. Raised garden bed pictures. The cost of raised bed systems and kits. Cheap raised bed vegetable garden made of cinder blocks.The raised bed gardens of Villa Botanica.

Raised garden beds can add a decorative element to the landscape or they can be purely functional. They can be large enough to house a plant collection or small enough to accommodate a single specimen.

When it comes to gardening in raised beds, the options are limitless.

Use the photos and information on this page to gather ideas for using raised garden beds in your landscape designs.

Why Garden in Raised Beds?

The cactarium at Villa Botanica in Queensland.

The main use of raised bed gardening is to overcome some inadequacy in the native soil. Perhaps it is too rocky and hard to dig. Maybe you’ve got heavy clay and you long to grow plants that need lots of air around their roots.

Or maybe you live in a wet climate and wish to cultivate an arid landscape.

This was the situation at Villa Botanica in Queensland, Australia. The owners of this botanical paradise adore cacti but Queensland is too rainy for these arid plants. So they built raised beds, filled them with sharp draining soil and planted the plants they love.

They even built a cactarium to protect certain species in their extensive collection from the rain.

Raised Garden Bed Cost

Yucca rostrata growing in a raised bed garden.

Those 2 big q-tips are Yucca rostrata plants.

Not everyone has the budget to plan a raised garden bed design like the one at Villa Botanica. Fortunately for those of us of more modest means, raised bed garden kits are available to suit any pocketbook.

The cost of a raised bed garden system will depend, primarily, on 2 things:

  1. The number and size of the beds.
  2. Will you be assembling the beds yourself or hiring a contractor?

Cheap raised garden beds can be knocked together from lumber left over from other projects, large stones you find on your property or cinder blocks.

The cactus garden above is simply formed of mounded soil.

The Best Raised Garden Bed Plants

In the image above, lemon trees are growing in raised beds.

Citrus requires fast draining, airy soil. If your soil does not drain well, planting the trees in raised bed is an excellent idea.

You could also use raised garden beds to grow acid loving plants like azaleas or camellias in an area where the native soil is too sweet for them.

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Growing a Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

This is a vegetable and raised bed herb garden in one design. The veges are planted in the middle. Annual herbs fit neatly into the holes in the cinder blocks.

I made a smaller version of this in my backyard with some recycled cinder blocks. My tiny raised bed only contains a few kitchen herbs.

Raised bed vegetable garden design inspiration is what this page is all about. Learn the benefits of raised vegetable garden beds. Tips for building up the soil in a vegetable garden bed. Where to buy raised beds for vegetable garden use.

Building a Raised Bed Garden

Frame It All SBXWTF1 Split Waterfall Raised Garden 2 LevelsFrame It All Split Waterfall Raised Garden 2 LevelsCedar Raised Garden Bed 34 W x 34 in L x 19 in H

Building a raised bed is easy if you use a kit. Find out where you should not place a raised garden bed. Raised bed construction tips and ideas for building raised garden beds inexpensively.

Raised Garden Bed Design IdeasRound raised garden bed design at Ryewater Farm in Dorset.

The pond in the center of this design echoes the circular theme. The eclectic beds are made from a variety of materials.

This page contains photos of raised garden beds to help you in planning and planting your raised bed garden. Garden bed designs are shown for patios as well as lawns.

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