Raised Garden Bed Design

Raised garden bed design pictures. Photos of raised bed gardens to help you in planning and planting. Designs suitable for placement on patios and in lawns.

Brick makes this raised bed garden design elegant. The colorful tulips mulched with Primula keep it from being boring.

The great abundance of planting material brings warmth and life to what might otherwise be too much cold hardscape. This is the patio at a hotel in Holland but you could easily scale this garden bed design down to fit your home landscape.

Raised garden bed ideas: red tulips in a gray wood bed.

Lest you be misled (by the previous image) into believing that tulips only shine in brick beds, see how delightful they are here in this wooden raised bed where they are growing amongst a variety of colorful blooms.

The blood red tulips compliment the faded gray wood nicely.

Raised garden bed ideas: stone beds on a patio.

Here’s another raised garden bed idea for a patio. These elegant stone planters make gracious beds for the Iceberg rose trees and lavender plants they contain.

You’ll notice that the flower garden beds in these photos are constructed of either the same material as the patio floor or something which blends with it.

The colors of the stones in the planter just above tie it both to the concrete patio floor and to the privacy fence.

Raised Garden Bed Designs
For the Lawn

This is a simple to construct raised bed garden design:

  • Cut a symmetrical–or not–circle of sod from the lawn. Be sure to remove all the grass or line the bed with something which will resist weeds and grass growing through it.
  • Mound 6-8 inches of good soil atop your weed barrier.
  • Place large, attractive rocks close together around the edge to hold the soil in place.
Picture of raised garden bed.
  • Plant your tallest plants in the center of the bed. Put the low growers or trailers around the edge. Tiny rock garden plants could even be stuck between the rocks.

This bed is filled with purple Salvia surrounded by orange and yellow marigolds but it is easy to envision it planted with dark red fountain grass ringed by Maiden Pinks.

Raised garden beds filled with roses, dahlias and pansies.

The wooden beds depicted here are easy to assemble from raised bed garden kits.

These are filled with a pleasing display of pastel colored Hybrid Tea roses with jewel-toned pansies at their feet.

Raised garden beds set into a hill.

Here’s a unique raised garden bed design that makes excellent use of hard-to-plant slope.

This homeowner has planted a row of giant sunflowers to hide a raised bed vegetable garden.

Raised bed vegetable garden in a side yard.

This picture offers a better view of the raised bed garden boxes tucked away in the side yard of this bungalow.

Raised Garden Bed Ideas
Pictures of Foundation Plantings

Raised garden bed foundation planting.

In this raised garden bed design the beds contain foundation plants and are painted to match the house’s trim.

The evergreen shrubs filling the beds are in keeping with the traditional design of this home.

Here, raised garden beds have been used to enhance the front foundation planting of a hunter’s cabin in Argentina. Flowers spill from the beds as they would from window boxes.

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