Red and Pink Roses

Buy beautiful red and pink roses here. Red pink rose Double Delight. The color blend of pink and red roses will change slightly throughout the growing season as the weather changes.

Rose, Double Delight

Buy an Inexpensive Double Delight Rose HereThe Double Delight rose bush bush bears flowers which are a delicious blend of pink and red with white and cream highlights. The flowers are huge and fragrant to boot!

The colors of this very tall red and pink rose bush are extremely variable. Click on the link above to go to a page with several pictures illustrating these color variations.

Rose, Cinco De Mayo™

Buy a Cinco De Mayo™ Rose Here

The flowers of this Floribunda rose bush are unusual in more ways than one. First, they occur in crowded clusters. Second, their form is unique. The cupped 3.5 inch blooms are semi-double with ruffled petals and gold centers.

Third is their hue.

Reddish pink with plum undertones backed by disease resistant dark green, glossy foliage. In addition to all of this, the flowers smell of apples!

Cinco de Mayo is descended from the AARS winning Julia Child rose. This rose’s superior garden performance has won it an AARS award as well. Its bushy growth habit and 5 foot height make Cinco de Mayo perfect for use as a low maintenance hedge.

Rose, Two-Tone

Buy a Two-Tone Rose Here

The blooms of Two Tone are red pink at the edges and creamy white in the center.

This is a rose that Direct Gardening is selling under a pseudonym so that they can offer it to you at a reduced price.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to identify it so I can’t provide information about its garden performance. It is said to be fragrant.

If this is the coloration you want, the price is low enough to warrant taking a chance.

American Beauty rose flower.

The American Beauty rose There was a time when a gentleman ordering a dozen roses from a florist would have received a bouquet of these Hybrid Perpetual roses. The vivid red and pink roses rival those of the best Hybrid Tea flowers. Add to this their strong rose perfume and nearly thornless stems and you can easily understand their popularity.

Sugar Plum Mini RoseSugar Plum Mini RosePlum-colored buds open to reveal 1- to 2-in. flowers on a bush 1-2 feet tall and wide.
Always Yours Rose BouquetAlways Yours Rose BouquetLet her know that you are always hers by sending this enchanting mixed rose bouquet that offers rich red roses for romance, white roses for loyalty, and coral to convey desire. The fresh 40 cm roses are mixed with an assortment of complementing flowers such as waxflower, limonium, and stylish eucalyptus. Colorful and fragrant, the bouquet is made even more memorable by arriving in a lovely keepsake vase.

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