Rosa rugosa ‘Wildberry Breeze’

Compact Rosa rugosa ‘Wildberry Breeze’ is a fragrant rugosa hybrid. The single flowers of this tough shrub rose smell of cloves. ‘Wildberry Breeze’ makes a lovely repeat blooming hedge.

Rosa rugosa 'Wildberry Breeze'.

The pink-mauve flowers have a yellow eye and will repeat throughout the summer if you keep them deadheaded. But stop trimming off the old blooms in the fall to insure that the beautiful cherry-tomato-sized rugosa rose hips develop.

R. rugosa Hips
R. rugosa Hedge

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The plant which produces these very fragrant flowers grows to a height of 3-5 feet (depending on the climate and care) with an equal spread.

Like other rugosa roses, Wildberry Breeze will grow in less-than-ideal soil. It will occasionally produce suckers which can be dug up and moved.

Though most rugosas can be propagated by planting the seeds inside the ripe hips hybrid rugosas cannot be reproduced in this fashion. Take cuttings of the thorny stems or use suckers instead.

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