Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Growing Black Eyed Susans

Rudbeckia Goldsturm (sometimes misspelled Rudbeckia Goldstrum) is the most popular black eyed Susan perennial growing in the U.S. today.

Rudbeckia Flowers, Norfolk, UK
Rudbeckia Flowers, Norfolk, UK

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With its huge yellow-orange coneflowers and big deep chocolate centers, it’s easy to see why Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm is such a hit.

Each bloom consists of 12-15 long, narrow petals that curve downward. The petals meet in the middle underneath a raised, round ball in which the black eyed Susan seeds develop.

The flowers are held atop stiff stems as much as 40 inches tall. They arrive in late July and continue through early October.

Black Eyed Susan flowers are the glory of the late summer garden. For best effect, plant perennial Rudbeckia in large drifts or dot groups of 5-7 plants throughout the perennial border.

Growing Black Eyed Susan

Set black eyed Susan plants 18-24 inches apart in average soil for best results. Though this variety will tolerate poor soil, a moderately fertile and moist soil will encourage better performance.

Full sun to part shade will work as Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm is not picky.

This is a tough, low-maintenance plant which will withstand drought and considerable neglect. It is also mildew and deer resistant.

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Black-eyed Susan – Goldsturm

Black-Eyed Susan – Early Bird Gold

Black-Eyed Susan – City Garden
Black-Eyed Susan DaisyBlack-Eyed Susan DaisyLayers of sunshine bright copper gold petals radiate out from a large, dark center.

Black Eyed Susan
Rudbeckia fulgida, the perennial Black Eyed Susan is one of the most popular perennials in the U.S. for good reason. It is not picky about soil. It loves the sun and will tolerate heat and humidity. It blooms profusely from mid-summer to fall.

Black Eyed Susan Vine
Black eyed Susan vine, Thunbergia alata. Planting and caring for black eyed Susan vines. Thunbergia alata Sunny lemon Star.

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Echinacea Ruby Star (Rubinstern). Echinacea purpurea plant. Ruby Star purple coneflower.

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