Buy Rugosa Rose Bushes Rosa rugosa

Rugosa rose bushes are easy care, fragrant wild rose bushes. In autumn, Rugosa shrub roses form large, colorful hips. I’ll tell you where to plant Rosa rugosa and how to prune it. Rugosa Rosefrom: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. The sweetly scented (mostly single) flowers of Rosa rugosa occur throughout the summer. Flower colors include red, pink, and white. The large… Continue reading Buy Rugosa Rose Bushes Rosa rugosa

Rosa rugosa ‘Wildberry Breeze’

Compact Rosa rugosa ‘Wildberry Breeze’ is a fragrant rugosa hybrid. The single flowers of this tough shrub rose smell of cloves. ‘Wildberry Breeze’ makes a lovely repeat blooming hedge. The pink-mauve flowers have a yellow eye and will repeat throughout the summer if you keep them deadheaded. But stop trimming off the old blooms in the fall to insure… Continue reading Rosa rugosa ‘Wildberry Breeze’

‘Hansa’ Rose Rugosa Rose Hybrid

The ‘Hansa’ rose is a deep pink, double-flowered Rugosa hybrid. This is a strongly fragrant rose whose showy 4 inch flowers are followed by the large red hips typical of Rugosa roses. Rose – Hansa – Hybrid Rugosafrom: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. Introduced in 1905 by Schauman and Van Tol of The Netherlands, this cold hardy shrub rose grows from… Continue reading ‘Hansa’ Rose Rugosa Rose Hybrid

Therese Bugnet Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Therese Bugnet is a hybrid Rugosa rose bearing lilac pink 4 inch double flowers. The fragrant flowers appear continuously throughout the growing season on the 4-6 foot tall shrub rose. Buy Therese Bugnet Rose This Rosa rugosa rose was hybridized by Bugnet and introduced in 1950. It is a very vigorous grower and, like other Rugosa’s, produces… Continue reading Therese Bugnet Hybrid Rugosa Rose