Small Yard Landscaping Ideas from Rose Villa

Discover 3 key principles of small yard landscaping which may surprise you. Period home landscape design ideas from the small front yard of Rose Villa, a guest house turned restaurant in Ormond Beach, Florida.

Rose Villa Restaurant small front yard landscape design.

Rose Villa, the first hotel in Ormond Beach, began its life as a popular 10 bedroom, 7 bath inn. The inn was built in the late 1800s by Mary and Frank Mason. Over the years, it has changed hands and occupations several times. It is currently serving as a fine dining establishment.

1. Use the Vertical Space

The small front yard landscape at Rose Villa.

A closer view of the Rose Villa landscape, its porch and balcony.

Because this is a 2 story home with a front porch and a balcony, hanging baskets overflowing with cascading annuals are an obvious choice.

There is also room here for railing planters and plants in containers on the floor.

Vertical gardening takes on a new level of importance in small spaces. Even the tiniest landscape has some vertical space. Where there is no land and the dwelling lacks a porch or balcony, dress the walls.

Landscaping Walls and Vertical Gardens will give you lots of ideas you can use in accomplishing this.

Rose Villa sign witbacked by Mexican Fan palm trees.

The Mexican Fan palms planted in the side yard of Rose Villa add another tall element to this landscape design.

Mexican heather, African daisies and Plumbago are planted cheek-by-jowl here, which brings me to another small yard landscape design key:

Crowd the plants in. When space is at a premium, every inch must be utilized. As long as the flower colors blend well and you remember to leave some negative space (provided here by the small lawn and walkway) the garden will not appear overcrowded.

3. The More Color the Better

The only rose in Rose Villa's small yard landscape design.

Gardeners are often afraid to use bold color in small spaces, but flowers give a small landscape a charming cottage garden affect. This is especially fitting around historic homes like Rose Villa.

The flowers at Rose Villa bloom in yellow, pink, purple, blue and white. It takes skill to use 5 colors in this small a space.

If you are unsure of your abilities, use 3 or fewer. The colors can be as bright as you like. As long as they are in harmony with one another and with the building, the end result will be visually pleasing.

Small Yard Landscaping Color Idea:

A single hue can be used to create a dramatic and elegant planting.

The all white garden is a classic, but pink or purple flowers would work just as well.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Use Shrubs

The entrance to Rose Villa Restaurant.

tall hedge creates privacy between Rose Villa and a neighboring property. A purple Bougainvillea has been clipped into a shrub at the home’s corner.

Evergreen shrubs create a permanent framework which acts as a backdrop for the seasonal flowers. They are necessary in any landscape design; just be mindful of the mature sizes of the shrubs you place in a diminutive yard and know how you plan to prune them.

Slow growing dwarf varieties will require much less maintenance than their larger, faster growing counterparts.

Porchside landscaping at Rose Villa.

Clipped box is an excellent choice for small yard landscaping as it grows slowly and can be sculpted into many shapes.

African daisies and Mexican heather are tender perennials with a bushy growth habit. Both plants bloom nearly year round in this climate and have been used as flowering shrubs in this landscape.

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