‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis Clematis paniculata

‘Sweet Autumn’ ClematisClematis paniculata. Synonyms include: Clematis terniflorachinensis and maximowicziana. White, small flowered clematis vine.

Clematis – Sweet Autumn

Clematis ‘Sweet Autumn’ is a NZ native Clematis which covers itself in small, star-shaped white to off-white flowers beginning in late summer or early fall.

These four petal Clematis flowers are sweetly fragrant.

The leaves of this 30 foot climber are different from those of most Clematis varieties. They are thin–almost translucent in sunlight–and shaped more like maple leaves.

Autumn Clematis grows like a weed in sun or part shade locations and is hardy from zone 5-9b. If you want something to cover a chain link fence quickly, this is a must have plant.

‘Sweet Autumn’ Clematis vine is invasive under certain conditions. The seeds fall and sprout very easily into new vines. Deadhead it to keep this from happening.

Planting and Care of Clematis paniculata

White-flowered Autumn Clematis planted with purple Clematis Warsaw Nike.This is one Clematis plant that will grow in nearly any soil or exposure.

It will perform best, however, on moisture retentive, organic soil.

Heat and drought do not phase it.

The one problem this plant has is the clematis beetle also known as the black blister beetle.

Epicauta pennsylvanica is an iridescent black beetle with a voracious appetite. If it attacks your plant, take steps to eradicate it immediately. It can eat all the blooms off almost overnight.

Do not handle these Clematis pests. They are called blister beetles because they can cause your skin to blister if you crush them.

Sevin dust will kill them. If you only have a few and you want a more organic control, flick them into a jar of sudsy water and drown the little beasts.

Autumn Clematis Pruning Tips

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Early spring is the time for pruning Autumn Clematis. Trim it back to 12 inches.

Don’t be afraid of trimming a Clematis vine this hard, it will bounce right back. This particular species can grow 20 feet in a single season.

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