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Pool Landscaping Pictures

Need help planning your swimming pool landscape design? These photos will inspire and excite you. Tropical landscaping tips and ideas for planting around a pool in a temperate climate.

I’ll start with the swimming pool landscape designs that are not in the tropics or subtropics. This photo is an example of backyard pool landscaping with flowering trees or shrubs.

The trees depicted here are crepe myrtles. Crepe myrtle trees are available in many different colors and sizes. Some are 30 foot trees while others are 6 foot dwarfs. They are all summer bloomers. The leaves of most varieties will color up in the fall and some have trunks which feature attractive peeling bark.

Between the leaves dropping in late fall and the little flowers falling off all summer, they can keep you busy cleaning the pool and pool deck if you plant them too close to these areas.

The good news with these plants is, they will take any amount of pruning so their branches can be cut back at any time.

This resort in the California desert has used the native California Fan palm to good effect.

These are stately trees which thrive in dry soil. They look best when planted in groups of at least 3 or in long rows. When mature, they will dwarf single story buildings on small lots. They are best used in commercial pool area landscaping or around multi-story homes.

The neatly trimmed hedges and topiaries add a touch of class. Hedge material can sometimes be boring. The mixture of sizes and shapes used here keeps the design exciting.

Tropical Pool Landscape Ideas

Tropical swimming pool landscape design in the Philippines.

Variegated Schefflera and other tropical shrubs ring this pool in Laguna.  Tree ferns add height and a bit of welcome shade.  The plantings here surround and hug the pool creating the effect of a private grotto.

How do you use what you see here in your backyard pool landscaping?

  • Plant shrubs with colorful foliage, rather than flowers, closest to the water.  Leaves drop far less frequently than blossoms saving you the work of cleaning them out of the  pool.  Also, colored leaves are present throughout the growing season.
  • To make the pool feel more secluded, plant in layers.  As you move away from the waters edge, the shrubs should get taller.  Lady palms are planted behind the Schefflera bushes in the image above.  Their shrubby growth habit suits them for this use.
  • Plant into the native soil (rather than in planters sitting on concrete) where your plants will have the greatest root run.
  •  Build up the soil with good quality compost so it will support lush growth and stuff the plants in to make it feel tropical from the start.

Nothing adds tropical drama to pool landscaping like a waterfall.

This waterfall landscape design is small enough to fit into an average backyard.

The homeowner has used banana plants, split leaf Philodendron bipinnatifidum and Purple Queen (Tradescantia pallida) to turn her backyard into a tropical oasis.

Not content to confine the lushness to a planting island, she has placed more bananas and small Pygmy Date palms in large pots around the shimmering water.

If you don’t want to wait for banana corms to grow, you can order 7 foot tall banana trees here. They will be delivered to your door.

Banana plants this size will make an instant impact around your pool and landscaping.

The Adjustable Temperature Outdoor Shower.This outdoor shower provides a temperature-adjustable stream of water and will fit attractively into your swimming pool landscape design. The shower’s housing acts as a greenhouse and heats water from a hose; turning the shower handle combines cool water from the hose and the heated water, producing a soothing cascade of water.

This swimming pool landscape design at Palm Cove Water Paradise features palm trees at their verdant best. Areca palms crowd in around the boulders.

The clumping palm with the striking red leaf bases on the left is a Lipstick palm.

The yellow blooms of a dwarf Allamanda provide the sole touch of color in this garden pool landscaping design.

This is the stunning swimming pool landscape design at a resort in Mexico. The patio has lots of stairs and seating areas on different levels.

The plantings are grouped into a series of stone raised beds set atop the patio.

The small delicate-looking palms are Pygmy Dates. Cacti and Agave fill the beach-like center of the bed in the foreground. Moses-in-the-Bulrushes is used extensively as an edging.

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