Taking Care of Roses

Caring for Roses of all Types

Taking care of roses will guide you in growing breathtaking roses. Unearth the secrets of keeping rose trees healthy, how to manage rose bushes from spring through winter, special tips for organic rose care and the maintenance of climbing roses.

Care and Planting of Roses

Yellow roses surround a water fountain.

If all the new rose bushes planted in North American each year were set end-to-end, they would circle the equator at least twice. If you plan to add at least one new rose to your landscape this year, you are in excellent company.

With proper care your new landscape shrub roseclimber, or rose tree can be expected to survive and thrive for 20 years or more.

Roses care begins before you thrust a spade into the soil.

First, you’ve got to choose the right spot. Roses need plenty of sun and good air circulation in order to grow and bloom well.

Planting Roses in Your Garden will instruct you in these important matters. Soil care for roses is also covered here. Whether you have purchased bare root or potted roses, climbing roses or shrub roses, you will find information on how to plant them on this page.

Caring for Roses

pink hybrid tea roses growing at Leu Gardens Orlando

Pink Hybrid Tea Roses

After you’ve got the plants in the ground–or pot–consult the following pages for information on rose care and maintenance:

Outdoor Rose Bush Care and Pruning
Care of Hybrid Tea RosesClimbing Rose Care Instructions
Rose Tree CareCaring for Miniature RosesKnock Out Rose CareRose Maintenance Tools

Seasonal Care of Roses

The spring care of roses begins with pruning. Remove whatever winter protection may have been applied and examine the dormant plant carefully.

Start at the base. If the rose is grafted and the graft union is above ground, check it for damage. This is the most important part of a grafted rose bush. If the graft is damaged, the rose may not live. Or, if it does survive, you may end up with a different variety (the rootstock) than the one you planted.

Begin your spring pruning by removing any broken or damaged canes. This applies to all types of roses. Beyond this, you’ll find more specific pruning instructions on the following page: Pruning Roses

After your plants have been pruned they will need to be fed. Fertilizing roses is an important part of rose garden care. Underfed roses tend to fall victim to rose diseases and pests so you won’t want to neglect this aspect of rose health care.

Once blooming roses can get by on just 1 or 2 meals per year. Remontant roses will require 3 or more feedings depending on the length of the growing season in your zone.

Summer Care of Roses

Red Hybrid Tea roses at Harry P. Leu Gardens

Red Roses Growing at Harry P. Leu Gardens

Diligence is the key to the summer care of roses. Stick with your feeding schedule. Watering your roses takes on greater importance during summer’s heat. Never let them dry out. Roses need moisture at their roots in order to take up food.

Well established, mature old garden shrub roses can survive drought conditions but it isn’t good for them. These heirloom roses do not need the codling that miniature roses require, just water them deeply every 2 weeks if there is no rain.

Another thing you will want to do when caring for your roses during the growing season is to deadhead them after each flush of bloom. This is not necessary to their health, but it will keep them neater and cause them to bloom more often.

Finally, keep a sharp eye out for rose care problems. Early summer is when you will likely notice the first signs of a disease or insect problem.

Begin spraying as soon as you notice spotted or chewed leaves to keep the problem from getting a foothold.

Fall Rose Care is Easy

Rose garden care is such pleasant work during the cool days of fall.

Rake up any fallen leaves or flowers to deprive insects and diseases of a snug place to overwinter.

Feed your roses for the last time this season in early fall. Apply any winter protection you feel they need after the first freeze.

Rose plant care tip: Planting roses that are fully hardy in your zone without winter protection is far better than planting marginally hardy roses and then covering them each winter.

If you live where winters are long and bitterly cold, Sub-Zero roses will perform beautifully for you.

Organic Rose Gardening
Caring for Roses Naturally

Organic rose care basics are the focus of Organic Rose Gardening. Organic rose care is no more difficult than the conventional care of roses. Secrets of organic care of roses revealed.

Buy organic rose spray here.

Rose Care Products

Organic rose food. Fertilizers for organic roses.

These are slow-release fertilizers that feed your roses and their soil. They will not harm beneficial microorganisms that contribute to long-term soil health.Search Results from AmazonPatio, Lawn & Garden

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Bayer systemic rose care products. Ortho systemic rose care.

The best rose care products are these 3-in-one or all-in-one types. They kill insects while feeding your roses or treating the most common rose diseases at the same time, giving you more rose health care for your dollars.

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