Tannins in Rose Hips Tea

I have osteoarthritis, but tannins in tea make me hurt worse. Although, I want to drink rose hip tea, I am afraid it will give me a flare-up like other tea does that contain tannins.

I am interested in tea to help my low thyroid function also.

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Rose hip tea does contain tannins but it contains a much lower percentage of tannins than black tea (Camellia sinensis).

Rose hips contain 2-3 percent tannins vs the 9-20 percent found in black tea.

Whether or not this will cause you problems depends on how sensitive you are. The only thing you could do is try it and see how you feel.

Osteoarthritis is a condition I am somewhat familiar with as my husband Tiny used to suffer from it.

I say used to because we discovered something years ago that has kept him nearly pain free:

He started taking ginger root capsules.

You can also get ginger tea. Ginger contains less than 2% tannins. The tea contains more than the dried root in capsules which contain less than 1%.

Tiny took 1 gram of dried ginger 3 times per day for the first month. Then, he gradually cut back to half a gram per day which he is using as a maintenance dose.

I like this brand because it does not have other herbs mixed in with it. Just pure ginger root.

If you want to buy it in bulk, use this link. You’ll get 6 boxes for this price.

Swanson Ginger Capsules are the cheapest you will find. I order these all the time and they work great.

I have also used Nature’s Way ginger when I could not get Swanson. They work just as well but cost a little more.

I wish I knew what would help with your low thyroid without aggravating your arthritis but I don’t.

Keep in mind that I am not a doctor, just someone who believes strongly in natural healing. I do not want you to take anything I have said as medical advice.

Always ask your personal physician if it is o.k. for you to take any new medicine, herbal or otherwise. Certain herbs can interact unfavorably with prescription meds and some can cause unwanted side effects.

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