The Climbing ‘Blaze’ Rose Will Set Your Garden Design on Fire!

The fiery red blossoms of the climbing ‘Blaze’ rose bush will quickly turn your rose arbor into an inferno of sizzling color. ‘Blaze’ climbing roses are the best climbers to grow if you want slightly fragrant roses that bloom continuously until fall.

‘Blaze’ climbing roses were hybridized by Joseph W. Kallay in Mentor, OH (a city which was once known as the rose capital of the U.S.) and introduced in 1932.

It is classified as a Large Flowered Modern Climbing Rose and bears 2-3 inch wide red, semi-double blooms from late spring straight through until fall.

Climbing Blaze rose trained on a white trellis.

Each ‘Blaze’ rose flower carries fewer than 20 petals and emits a mild rose fragrance.

The plant these dramatic red roses appear on climbs 8-15 feet. The pliable canes can be arched toward the ground and tied to a climbing rose trellis to encourage even greater bloom.

The medium green leaves show good resistance to rust. They will sometimes get a touch of black spot when grown in locations where this rose disease is a problem but will shrug it off. ‘Blaze’ climbing roses rarely need spraying.

Blaze rose used as a groundcover rose.

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Here, you can see Blaze climbing roses used beautifully both as groundcover roses and trained over a rose arbor. This is something you can do with any climbing rose that grows thickly enough to shade out weeds.

The ‘Blaze’ Climbing Improved rose performs well in USDA zones 6a-10a.

It is more heat and drought tolerant than most rose plants and can also take some shade. It blooms on old wood, so prune it lightly in the spring. Just remove dead, broken, or diseased canes.

After the rose finishes blooming, cut back the laterals (flowering branches) to within 2 or 3 leaves of the cane they are growing from.

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