The Joy of Growing Petunias

Petunia Hybrids & Perennial Petunias

Growing petunias can be very rewarding as long as you chose the right variety for your location. For instance, the grandifloras perform poorly in the rain and are best grown indoors.

The multifloras and floribundas are better used outdoors.

This backyard landscaping picture shows the impact that you can achieve using petunias alone.

A single color used in volume. The execution of this planting scheme is simple but the effect is still traffic-stopping. You don’t need a degree in garden landscape design, you just need the right plant.

The flower spreading its rosy cheer across this yard is the petunia hybrid ‘Supertunia┬« Vista Fuchsia’ PPAF. This is a mounding variety that will just keep piling on the flowers, week in and week out, all summer long.

Backyard Flower Garden With Chair
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In this image, petunias and other sun-loving annuals contribute to the color riot surrounding a backyard patio.

Petunia Mix Picture

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Petunia flowers are large, colorful and sometimes fragrant.

The bright green leaves are small, soft, and not too noticeable when the plants are blooming heavily.

Caring for Petunias

Fuseables, Cotton Candy 1 pkt. (10 pellets)Each Fuseables pellet contains 2 seeds. Cotton Candy combines Bacopa ‘Bluetopia’ with ‘Shock Wave Pink Vein’ petunias.Fuseables species are carefully matched so that the plants will share the same growth habits.

Click on the highlighted headline above to discover the best ways to plant, prune and care for petunia plants and how to grow them from seed.

Petunia Pest and Disease Info can be Found Here

Cascading Petunias

Flowers Outside Cafe, Zermatt, Switzerland
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All about cascading petunias. How to plant Wave petunia seeds. Purple Wave and Tidal Wave petunias. Cascadia and other trailing petunias suitable for hanging baskets.

Supertunias are the fastest-growing trailing petunia. Given plenty of food and water, they can put on an inch per day during the summer. The plants are self-cleaning and will not get leggy.

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Perennial Petunias

Mexican petunias form a backdrop for gold dust plants.

Mexican petunias form a backdrop for gold dust plants.

Most of the plants listed above are considered to be annuals although some of them may survive mild winters in zones 9-11.

The wild petunia and the Mexican petunia are a different species. They are Ruellia humilis and Ruellia brittoniana respectively.

They are called petunias because their flowers so closely resemble those of the heirloom petunias.

If you are looking for something more reliably perennial than the annual petunias above, check them out.

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