Therese Bugnet Hybrid Rugosa Rose

Therese Bugnet is a hybrid Rugosa rose bearing lilac pink 4 inch double flowers. The fragrant flowers appear continuously throughout the growing season on the 4-6 foot tall shrub rose.

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This Rosa rugosa rose was hybridized by Bugnet and introduced in 1950.

It is a very vigorous grower and, like other Rugosa’s, produces suckers so give it plenty of room. It is extremely disease resistant which makes it the perfect rose for organic gardeners.

Peak bloom occurs in early spring when this Rugosa hybrid covers itself in stunning blossoms. It is one of the first roses to bloom each year.

One of its best features is that the flowers are self cleaning.

To say that this rose is tough is an understatement.

It will grow in almost any soil. Wind doesn’t bother it and it can take the cold up into USDA zone 3a and the heat down to zone 9b.

In the winter, the canes turn reddish and are showier than the hips! They are also less thorny than the canes of most other Rugosa roses.

Another Rugosa with similar flowers to this one is the rose Hansa.

Problems of Rugosa Roses

Apply white glue to the cut ends of any stems that you prune to keep cane borers from invading them.

Japanese beetles are fond of the flowers but tend to leave the foliage alone.

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