When to Prune Roses

When to prune roses. How to determine the best time to prune roses. Optimal time to prune rose bush plants. When to prune rose bushes. When to prune climbing roses. When to prune Knockout roses.

Pruning Rosa (Rose) Using Secateurs, Winter
Pruning Rosa (Rose) Using Secateurs, Winter

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When to prune a rose is an important decision. Some cold climate gardeners think it is best to prune roses in the fall. They argue that many of the rose stems will be frozen in any case and they need to prune the plants before they can wrap them in their winter coats anyway.

These gardeners have a valid point.

But as cutting back any tender plant in the fall makes me nervous, I think spring is generally the best time to prune roses. Do this as soon as the weather warms and before the roses swing into full growth.

The fewer leaves clinging to the stems, the easier it will be to see where to make your cuts when pruning roses for spring.

Winter Pruning Roses

If you live in a cold winter area where roses require special winter protection, winter rose pruning may be in order.

This is done in late fall, before the first frost.

Another situation in which pruning roses for winter may be necessary is in very windy areas. A tall Hybrid Tea or climbing rose may topple due to wind-rock unless the longest shoots are cut back.

If you winter prune roses, check the stems over carefully in the spring after the winter protection is removed. Trim away any that have been frost damaged.

Pruning Your Roses for Best Bloom

This is the final, and perhaps most important, thing to consider when deciding when to prune roses.

If your rose blooms only once a year, in the spring, (some of the old climbers and rambling roses fall into this category) prune it just after the flowers fade. Otherwise, you will lose many, if not all, of this year’s flowers.

Roses that bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season can safely be pruned in the spring.

Pruning Knockout Roses

Pruning Knockout roses.

Pink Knockout roses growing in the rose garden at Harry P. Leu Botanical Garden in Orlando, FL.

Knockout roses should be pruned whenever you would prune any shrub rose in your gardening zone. For most gardeners, this will be in the spring just as new growth begins.

When to Prune Roses in the South

In mild winter areas, roses can be pruned at any time of year. And they may need to be pruned more often to control their exuberant growth.

In my zone 9a garden, I prune rose bushes in the spring and again in late summer or early fall if the shrubs have gotten way too big.

I do the heavy pruning in the spring and a light trimming in the fall just to neaten the plants.

How to Prune Climbing Roses
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Pruning Rose Bushes
Pruning rose bushes offers instructions for pruning roses using hand or power tools. How to prune roses. Pruning Knockout, shrub and climbing roses.

Rosa Rugosa Wildberry Breeze
Compact Rosa rugosa Wildberry Breeze is a fragrant rugosahybrid. The single rose flowers of this tough hedge rose smell of cloves. Makes a lovely repeat blooming hedge.

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