Why Buy Bare Root Roses?

Why buy bare root roses? What you need to know before buying roses bare root. How to plant bare-root roses. Growing bare root vs containerized rose bushes.

Purple Perfection Hedge Rose

By buying roses bare root, you can realize a significant savings over the price of container grown roses.

Many gardeners fail to take advantage of this because they are not sure how to handle a bare root rose once it arrives at their door.

Bare root rose bushes are not difficult to plant but they do require different handling than rose plants that are growing in pots. Because their roots are not in soil, they will need to be rehydrated prior to being planted.

Planting Bare Root Roses offers explicit instructions for this as well for growing bare root roses.

These are the basics:

  1. When your roses arrive, unwrap them and place them into a pail of water overnight. This will give the stems, which may have dried out during transit, time to absorb plenty of water.
  2. When you dig the planting hole make a cone of soil in the bottom of it. Set the bare root rose on top of this cone with its roots draping down along its sides. Make sure none of the roots are bent. Fill the hole with soil and water it well.

Growing Bare Root vs Potted Rose Bushes

Climbing Blaze Rose

The bare root rose will initially look like a group of sticks sticking up out of the soil. In a few weeks, the leaf buds along these bare stems will awaken and clothe the canes with fresh, spring foliage.

In a few more weeks, flower buds will form.

Containerized roses will have foliage and sometimes even flowers on them at the time of purchase. They look more “complete” even when newly planted.

It will take a bare root rose a couple of months to catch up but after the first growing season, both plants will behave in the exact same way.

Only you can decide if the cost savings is worth the wait.

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