Yucca filamentosa Cultivars

Synonyms: Yucca concavaYucca smalliana & Yucca flaccida

Growing information for Yucca filamentosa varieties: ‘Adams Needle’, the variegated ‘Color Guard’, and ‘Bright Edge’. Photos of Yucca plants in a variety of garden settings. Super cheap plants.

Yucca Photos

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Garden Design Tip:

Place Y. filamentosa plants into the landscape as you would small ornamental grasses.

They are similar in form and function.

Adam’s Needle yucca is a stunning perennial accent plant. The evergreen, sword-shaped leaves taper to sharp points and form handsome 12-18 inch high mounds even when the plant is not blooming. In the summer, tall flower spikes will rise high above the foliage. The white (or nearly white) yucca flowers will light up the summer perennial border.

Adams Needle yucca fits nicely into rock or alpine gardens. Its bold foliage causes it to blend well with bright, tropical flowers also.

If this yucca plant is not a showy enough for you, take heart; there are variegated cultivars available.

‘Bright Edge’ Yucca

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Yucca filamentosa ‘Bright Edge’ with Echinacea ‘Kim’s Knee High’ in the foreground.’Bright Edge’ Yucca features yellow stripes at the leaf edges. The whole leaf will take on a golden glow in summers heat.Place it wherever a variegated Yucca would enhance your planting scheme.

‘Color Guard’ Yucca

‘Color Guard’ Yucca has a bright yellow stripe running down the center of each leaf.

In cool weather, the leaves also take on a pinkish tinge. Especially along the edges.

All three varieties are drought tolerant and enjoy the same growing conditions.

Plant them in full or part sun on well drained, preferably sandy, soil.

Keep these xeric plants on the dry side and they will thrive.

To increase your collection, look for the pups which will come up around mature plants.

Dig these up and move them in the spring.

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