Yucca Plant Care How to Keep a Yucca Growing

Yucca plant care is about how to keep a Yucca growing happily indoors or out. Yucca care tips for indoor plants. Best place to plant Yucca outside. Yucca posters.

Sub Tropical Planting of Yucca, Kniphofia and Sedum

Easy is the word that springs to mind when thinking of Yucca plant care. These dramatic, architectural plants are tough enough to practically take care of themselves.

Yucca Care Outdoors

Yucca growing outdoors in central Florida.

The best place to plant Yucca outside is in fast draining, sandy or rocky soil in full sun. Some yucca plant species will also thrive in part shade.

Be careful not to over water or under water newly planted yuccas. An established plant will take drought conditions in its stride.

To keep the plants neat, cut off all the dead leaves in the spring.

It’s a good idea to wear heavy gloves when doing this to keep the leaves from cutting you.

Yucca plants do not like to be transplanted, so plant them where you want them in the first place.

They are light eaters. One feeding in the spring will do for the year.

Growing Yucca Indoors
 as a House Plant

Spineless Yucca PosterThe photo is of Yucca elephantipes, a spineless species that makes a great houseplant.
  • You will need to provide indoor Yucca plants with intense light.
  • Choose a variety that fits the available space.
  • Use a heavy pot. Because Yuccas tend to be top heavy with all the foliage at the stem tips, you may have to place rocks on top of the soil to keep the pot upright.
  • Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. If the plant is not getting enough water the leaves will turn yellow or brown. If the leaves have brown tips with yellow halos, you are overwatering.

Yucca Plants Care

Pruning is an important part of Yucca plant care. Click the blue headline above to find out how to trim off the ugly bits and restore beauty to Yucca trees. That page also contains instructions for pruning hairy Yucca and even for getting rid of unwanted plants that have become established in your yard.

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