Yucca Plant Gardening Tips

All about Yucca plant care. Types of Yucca plants. Which Yucca palm makes the best house plant? Variegated Color Guard and Bright Edge Yucca filamentosa.

Yucca elephantipes photos.Giant Yucca elephantipes specimen.

The genus Yucca is filled with low maintenance, versatile plants.

Some, like Yucca brevifolia, the Joshua tree yucca, will only grow under a narrow range of conditions but this is the exception–not the rule.

Most yucca cane plants will adapt to anything but deep, all-day shade and soggy soil. Just set them in where you want them. Keep them from drying completely out during their first summer in the ground and they will not disappoint you.Yucca plants growing right on the beach.

Yucca Cactus Garden Design Tip

Yucca plant in a landscape.

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A lone Joshua Tree makes a fantastic landscape accent as do any of the tall, trunk-forming, palm-like Yuccas, but the low-growing, clumping types can look lonely when planted all by themselves.

Plant these varieties in groups of 3, 5 or 7 for greater impact.

Also, focus more on the plant’s handsome, evergreen foliage when planning your garden bed. Yuccas are not absolutely reliable in their blooming habits and will sometimes skip a year for no apparent reason.

Yucca House Plant

My next door neighbor’s Yucca elephantipes growing in a pot by her pool.

My vote for best Yucca house plant goes to Y. elephantipes also known as Giant Yucca because it has been known to reach gigantic proportions in its native habitat.

In spite of this, it will grow quite happily in a large container.

But this is not why I think Y. elephantipes is the best indoor Yucca. What sold me on it as a house plant is its leaves.

Yucca elephantipes is  spineless.

The leaf blades are not toothed and do not terminate in a needle sharp point.

This is the sole difference between Giant Yucca and Spanish bayonet. You can tell them apart by touching the leaves.The following links lead to pages of specific information about that topic:

Blue Beaked Yucca

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Blue Beaked Yucca rostrata is native to the Chihuahuan desert. This drought tolerant plant can be grown in coastal areas and is the most ornamental blue Yucca native to Texas.

Types of Yucca Plants

Yucca palm. Yucca cactus. There are many different indoor and outdoor species. There is Yucca rupicola whose leaves twist with age, the grayish-leaved Y. glauca and Y. rigida which is also called blue Yucca because of its beautiful blue-green foliage.

Not to be outdone by the ornamental qualities of its cousins, Yucca baccata offers banana-shaped fruit which can be baked and eaten like a sweet potato.

Mojave Yucca is a tree to 15 feet that is commonly known as Spanish dagger because of its dangerously pointed leaf tips.

Yucca Flower Photos

Discover the joy of cooking with Yucca flowers.

Yucca cane plant flowers are rich in minerals. The flower stalks are also good to eat if you harvest them while they are young and tender.

Yucca Care Tips

Yucca care is about how to keep one growing happily indoors or out. Care tips for indoor plants. Best place to plant them outside.

Yucca posters.

Yucca Filamentosa Varieties

Buy ‘Color Guard’ Yucca

Growing Adams Needle Yucca filamentosa. Synonyms: Yucca concavaYucca smalliana & Yucca flaccida. About variegated Color Guard & Bright Edge yucca.

False Red Yucca

How to grow red yucca type plants. Hesperaloe parviflora is a false yucca which bears striking red flowers. Hesperaloe funifera is another false yucca which blooms white.

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