Yucca Plant Gardening Tips

All about Yucca plant care. Types of Yucca plants. Which Yucca palm makes the best house plant? Variegated Color Guard and Bright Edge Yucca filamentosa. Yucca elephantipes photos.Giant Yucca elephantipes specimen. The genus Yucca is filled with low maintenance, versatile plants. Some, like Yucca brevifolia, the Joshua tree yucca, will only grow under a narrow range of conditions but this is the exception–not the rule. Most yucca… Continue reading Yucca Plant Gardening Tips

Blue Beaked Yucca rostrata Blue YuccaPalm

Blue Beaked Yucca rostrata is native to the Chihuahuan desert. This drought tolerant plant can be grown in coastal areas and is the most ornamental blue Yucca native to Texas.These are rare, collectible large plants that will make an instant impact on your patio or in your landscape. 5 Foot Tall Beaked Yucca – Medium Palm Tree – $649.95Retail… Continue reading Blue Beaked Yucca rostrata Blue YuccaPalm

Yucca brevifolia Growing Joshua Trees

Yucca brevifolia is a sculptural desert landscape plant. Its rough texture causes it to blend seamlessly into the cactus garden. Learn how to cultivate Joshua or Mojave yucca trees. Joshua tree photos. A mature Mojave Yucca (background). Young Y. brevifolia plants (foreground). Yucca brevifolia plants are commonly called Joshua trees. They were given this name by Mormon settlers because the yucca… Continue reading Yucca brevifolia Growing Joshua Trees

The Yummy Yucca Flower

Yucca flower pics and info. Cooking with yucca flowers. The blooms of the yucca plant appear on tall panicles between spring and early summer. The blossoms are usually white or cream colored tinged with purple or green. Buy This at Allposters.com Look for the stalks to emerge from the centers of the rosettes formed by… Continue reading The Yummy Yucca Flower

Yucca Plant Care How to Keep a Yucca Growing

Yucca plant care is about how to keep a Yucca growing happily indoors or out. Yucca care tips for indoor plants. Best place to plant Yucca outside. Yucca posters. Sub Tropical Planting of Yucca, Kniphofia and Sedum Easy is the word that springs to mind when thinking of Yucca plant care. These dramatic, architectural plants are tough enough to practically take care of themselves.… Continue reading Yucca Plant Care How to Keep a Yucca Growing

Using Yucca Plants in the Landscape

Various Yucca species All types of Yucca plants are attention-getters in the landscape. A single specimen of 1 of the trunk-forming varieties known as Yucca palms, constitutes an imposing, architectural accent while the spiky leaves of the ground-hugging filamentosa types draw the eye to any area in which they are massed. Yuccas are deer resistant plants native to the southwestern U.S. They thrive in… Continue reading Using Yucca Plants in the Landscape

Yucca Plants Care: Pruning

Keeping the Different Types of Yucca Neat Yucca plants care pruning is an important part of Yucca growing. How to trim off the ugly bits and restore beauty to yucca trees. Pruning hairy Yucca. Is there any hope of getting rid of an in-ground Yucca plant that you no longer want? Yucca Plants CarePruning Trunkless Yucca Plants Sapphire Skies Yucca When pruning hairy Yucca (Yucca filamentosa) or other trunkless, rosette… Continue reading Yucca Plants Care: Pruning

Yucca filamentosa Cultivars

Synonyms: Yucca concava, Yucca smalliana & Yucca flaccida Growing information for Yucca filamentosa varieties: ‘Adams Needle’, the variegated ‘Color Guard’, and ‘Bright Edge’. Photos of Yucca plants in a variety of garden settings. Super cheap plants. Yucca Photos  Web’s Best Price on Adam’s Needle Yucca Plants Garden Design Tip: Place Y. filamentosa plants into the landscape as you would small ornamental grasses. They are similar… Continue reading Yucca filamentosa Cultivars

False Red Yucca Plants Hesperaloe parviflora

How to grow red yucca plants. Hesperaloe parviflora is a false yucca. Hesperaloe funifera is another false yucca plant but its flowers are white. Hesperaloe plants look like Yucca plants but are a completely different genus. The gray-green foliage grows in a mound much like that of a trunkless Yucca plant. The leaves have sharp edges from which white fibers curl; they require careful handling.… Continue reading False Red Yucca Plants Hesperaloe parviflora